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2015 Volume 9 Issue 3


2015 Vol. 9 Issue 3, 31,
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Bożena Danyluk, Agnieszka Bilska, Piotr Kirklo
Assessment of the microbiological quality of the poultry products from convenience food group
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 3, 32,
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Magdalena Mika, Renata Barbara Kostogrys, Magdalena Franczyk-Żarów, Agnieszka Wikiera
Dose effect of thermally modified catechins on the inhibition of atherosclerosis in apoE-knockout mice
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 3, 33,
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Renata Pietrzak-Fiećko, Jarosław Parol, Mariusz S. Kubiak
Content comparison of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in traditionally smoked freshwater fish
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 3, 34,
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Aleksandra Wawro, Adam Rzeszutek, Żaneta Bartkowiak, Dominika Pieprzyk-Kokocha, Włodzimierz Grajek
Optimization of chemical mutagenesis of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae using ethyl methanesulfonate (EMS)
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 3, 35,
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Miłosz T. Walerzak, Dariusz Świerk, Michał Krzyżaniak, Piotr Urbański
Measuring compounds analysis of the baroque garden compositions in France (on the selected examples)
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 3, 36,
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Joanna Renda, Ewa Trzaskowska
Fruits of trees and shrubs as an element increasing aesthetics of the environment of the city of Lublin in winter time
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 3, 37,
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Kazimierz Piekut, Bogumiła Pawluśkiewicz
Natural compensation problems on Natura 2000 areas in the investment process
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 3, 38,
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Robert Rosa
Economic efficiency of winter catch crops applicationin the sweet corn cultivationdepending on herbicide selection
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 3, 39,
available in pl 
Marcin K. Dyderski, Dorota Wrońska-Pilarek
Plant cover of the newly created “Strzeszyn” ecological land in Poznań and its state of preservation
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 3, 40,
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Włodzimierz Stempski, Krzysztof Jabłoński
Effectiveness of mechanized wood harvesting in a tree stand damaged by wind
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 3, 41,
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Bartosz Kulczyński, Anna Gramza-Michałowska
Pomegranate – a tropical fruit rich in bioactive compounds with health-promoting properties
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 3, 42,
available in pl 
Damir Mogut, Anna Iwaniak, Monika Hrynkiewicz, Jerzy Dziuba
2d electrophoresis of bovine milk proteins and milk fermented drink
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 3, 43,
available in pl 
Aniceta Ślęczka, Małgorzata Krzywonos, Marta Wilk, Weronika Durbajło
Occurrence and role of betaine in living organisms
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 3, 44,
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Marcin Spychała, Piotr Łucyk
Effect of thickness of textile filter on organic compounds and nutrients removal efficiency at changeable wastewater surface level
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 3, 45,
available in pl 
Maria Trzcińska, Marta Wilk
Allergenic properties of apples – molecular basis, factors determining level of allergens

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