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2015 Volume 9 Issue 1


2015 Vol. 9 Issue 1, 1,
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Zbigniew Jarosz
The effect of different doses of silicon and manganese on the size and chemical composition of lettuce heads
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 1, 2,
available in pl 
Roman Niżnikowski, Grzegorz Czub, Jerzy Kamiński, Mariola Nieradko, Marcin Świątek, Krzysztof Głowacz, Magdalena Ślęzak
Polymorphism of the CSN1s1 casein gene in position 663 in Polish lowland sheep breeds from the Podlasie region
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 1, 3,
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Sławomir Świerczyński, Aleksander Stachowiak, Małgorzata Golcz-Polaszewska
Maiden pear trees growth in replant soil after inoculation of rootstocks with mycorrhizal inoculum
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 1, 4,
available in pl 
Marcin Kolasiński, Katarzyna Borycka
Acclimation of Asian woody species from family Hydrangeaceae Dumort. in Poland
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 1, 5,
available in pl 
Marta Ambrosewicz-Walacik, Andrzej Piętak, Sławomir Wierzbicki, Małgorzata Tańska, Tomasz Stripling, Kamil Duda
Possibilities of the use of camelina and mustard methyl esters and their mixtures with diesel as a fuel for compression ignition engines
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 1, 6,
available in pl 
Janetta Niemann, Karolina Lubbe, Andrzej Wojciechowski, Joanna Kaczmarek, Jerzy Nawracała
Evaluation of self-incompatibility and crossability in alloploid and diploid mustard species
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 1, 7,
available in pl 
Przemysław Frankowski, Janina Zbierska
Assessment of water quality and ecologic potential of small water reservoirs rebuilt in agricultural landscape of Wielkopolska
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 1, 8,
available in pl 
Miłosz T. Walerzak, Michał Krzyżaniak, Dariusz Świerk, Piotr Urbański
Selected aspects of the spatial composition in the estate and park complex in Niegowić
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 1, 9,
available in pl 
Joanna Kobus-Cisowska, Ewa Flaczyk, Aleksander Siger, Dominik Kmiecik
Effect of the extraction process on yield and composition of selected extracts from maidenhair tree green and yellow leaves
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 1, 10,
available in pl 
Renata Stanisławczyk, Mariusz Rudy
Effect of the slaughter age of horses on changes occurring in the horse fat during the frozen storage
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 1, 11,
available in pl 
Barbara Sawicka, Piotr Barbaś
Dependence of potato yielding on meteorological conditions in selected mesoregions of south-east Poland
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 1, 12,
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Mirosława Kulawik, Szymon Godynicki, Hieronim Frąckowiak
Light and scanning electron microscopic study of the filiform papillae of the tongue in adult rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus f. domestica, Linnaeus 1758)
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 1, 13,
available in pl 
Elżbieta Kozik, Ewelina Wojciechowska, Anna Golcz, Elżbieta Mieloszyk
Content of chosen micronutrients in leaves of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. capitata L.) depending on the level and form of the applied iron
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 1, 14,
available in en 
Dariusz Kulus
Micropropagation of Kalanchoe tubiflora (Harvey) Hamet
2015 Vol. 9 Issue 1, 15,
available in pl 
Andrzej Tyburcy, Patrycja Pawluczuk
Effects of semolina replacement with gluten-free ingredients on properties of poultry baked pâtés

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