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Przemysław Frankowski, Janina Zbierska
Possibility of reconstruction of water reservoirs in the agricultural landscape of Wielkopolska

Thy study presents the possibility of water retention increasing in the agricultural landscape by restoring small mid-field reservoirs, assuring their good hydromorphological state. In 1999-2000, two glacial reservoirs, located near the village of Nienawiszcz, in the municipality of Rogoźno in Wielkopolska were rebuilt. The reservoirs are located in the agricultural area, on wasteland filled with sediments. The rebuilt reservoirs have the possibility of storing a total of 15,800 m³ of water, including 2,500 m³ in reservoir No. I and 13,300 m³ in reservoir No. II. In regard of the natural terrain and conditions of soil and ground and regulation the outflow from the reservoir No. II by help of a monk, allowed to maintain a constant water level in the reservoirs despite the variable weather conditions. Technical and biological activities, at the stage of excavations, made it possible to ensure good hydromorphological state of the rebuilt mid-field reservoirs.

Key words: mid-field reservoirs, agricultural landscape, small retention, hydromorphological state
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MLA Frankowski, Przemysław, and Janina Zbierska. "Możliwości odbudowy zbiorników wodnych w krajobrazie rolniczym Wielkopolski." Nauka Przyr. Technol. 8.4 (2014): #56.
APA Przemysław Frankowski1, Janina Zbierska2 (2014). Możliwości odbudowy zbiorników wodnych w krajobrazie rolniczym Wielkopolski. Nauka Przyr. Technol. 8 (4), #56
ISO 690 FRANKOWSKI, Przemysław, ZBIERSKA, Janina. Możliwości odbudowy zbiorników wodnych w krajobrazie rolniczym Wielkopolski. Nauka Przyr. Technol., 2014, 8.4: #56.
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Przemysław Frankowski
ul. Podolska 10
60-615 Poznań
e-mail: p_frankowski@afirma.
Accepted for print: 26.08.2014