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Aleksandra Sowinska, Małgorzata Makowska
Exploitation of sequencing batch reactor (SBR) in individual system of wastewater treatment

The quality of treated sewage from small wastewater treatment plants has a significant effect on the environment. In this work the impact of technological parameters on the effect of removing contaminants from wastewater treatment plants SBR was presented. The following indicators of contamination were analysed: Biochemical Oxygen Demand for 5 days (BOD5), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), total nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, total suspensions. During the research, one of the reactors was converted into a hybrid reactor. Nevertheless, the operation of the reactor was unstable due to the uncontrolled use of biopreparations. Wastewater discharged into the soil from the studied small wastewater treatment plants met the requirements of the Ordinance – reduction of total suspended solids by at least 50% and BOD5 – 20%. It was found that one should not unduly interfere with the operation of onsite wastewater treatment plants, but their work should be monitored.

Key words: sequencing biological reactor, hybrid reactor, indicators of contamination, activated sludge, moving bed
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MLA Sowinska, Aleksandra, and Małgorzata Makowska. "Wykorzystanie reaktora porcjowego (SBR) w indywidualnym systemie oczyszczania ścieków." Nauka Przyr. Technol. 8.3 (2014): #29.
APA Aleksandra Sowinska, Małgorzata Makowska (2014). Wykorzystanie reaktora porcjowego (SBR) w indywidualnym systemie oczyszczania ścieków. Nauka Przyr. Technol. 8 (3), #29
ISO 690 SOWINSKA, Aleksandra, MAKOWSKA, Małgorzata. Wykorzystanie reaktora porcjowego (SBR) w indywidualnym systemie oczyszczania ścieków. Nauka Przyr. Technol., 2014, 8.3: #29.
Corresponding address:
Aleksandra Sowinska
Katedra Inżynierii Wodnej i Sanitarnej
Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Poznaniu
ul. Piątkowska 94
wejście A
60-649 Poznań
Accepted for print: 28.04.2014