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2012 Volume 6 Issue 3


2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 40
available in pl 
Zbigniew Domagalski, Joanna Sobczak
Method of estimation of selected hens welfare elements in an alternative maintenance system
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 41
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Magdalena Pieszka, Jarosław Łuszczyński, Katarzyna Gruza
Evaluation of sire and dam lines of Polish bred Arabian horses on the base of their show successes
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 42
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Jacek Zwierzyński, Leszek Bednorz
Regional Programme of Conservation and Restitution of Sorbus torminalis in the territory of The Regional Directorate of the State Forests in Piła in 2010-2013
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 43
available in pl 
Agata Bartkowiak, Joanna Lemanowicz
Chemical properties of selected soil profiles of the Unisław Basin against the enzymatic activity
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 44
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Beata Janowska, Magdalena Rybus-Zając, Anita Schroeter-Zakrzewska
Content of chloroplast pigments and saccharides in leaves of poppy anemone (Anemone coronaria L.) ‘Sylphide’ after application of benzyladenine and gibberellic acid
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 45
available in pl 
Bartosz Markiewicz, Anna Golcz, Maciej Bosiacki, Tomasz Kleiber
Influence of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilization on the content of micronutrients in aubergine fruits (Solanum malongena L.) growing in organic substrates
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 46
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Lilla Mielnik, Jacek Czekała
Occurrence of calcium, magnesium and iron in bottom sediments of lobelia lakes
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 47
available in pl 
Magdalena Rybus-Zając
Influence of enhanced UV-B radiation on the chloroplast pigments and photosynthesis rate in cucumber seedlings
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 48
available in pl 
Krzysztof Jabłoński, Karol Chlebowski
Work time structure and productivity in bundling logging residues with a John Deere 1490e bundler
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 49
available in pl 
Krzysztof Leszczyński, Piotr Pyzia
Analysis of musculoskeletal disorders during chainsaw work using REBA and RULA methods
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 50
available in pl 
Krzysztof Leszczyński, Arkadiusz Stańczykiewicz, Janusz M. Sowa
Level of workload in timber harvesting of thinned pine stands with the use of processors aggregated with farm tractors
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 51
available in pl 
Grzegorz Szewczyk
Sequence of skidding operations in thinnings and snowblow areas
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 52
available in en 
Wojciech Andrzejewski, Jan Mazurkiewicz, Antoni Przybył, Janusz Golski, Katarzyna Przybylska
Ichthyofauna of the Postomia River within the “Ujście Warty” National Park (western Poland)
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 53
available in pl 
Leszek Solecki
Private farmers’ annual exposure to whole body vibration from the aspect of the type of agricultural and transport activities performed
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 54
available in pl 
Katarzyna Panasiewicz, Agnieszka Faligowska, Małgorzata Pociejewska
Sowing value and vigour of dressed seed of two cultivars of winter wheat depending on storage conditions
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 55
available in pl 
Mateusz Rawski, Alicja Szczyrkowska, Jędrzej Sypniewski, Bartosz Kierończyk, Bartosz Skalski, Damian Józefiak
Evaluation of effect of oral applying of Bacillus licheniformis CH 200: DSM 5749 and Bacillus subtilis CH 201: DSM 4750 on development and composition of red-eared slider’s (Trachemys scripta elegans) intestinal microflora based on water quality changes in aquaterrariums
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 56
available in pl 
Kornelia Polek-Duraj
Level of work accidents in the woodworking industry plants in the Opole Silesia region
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 57
available in pl 
Anna Jama, Władysław Nowak
Influence of sewage sludge on the yield and biometric traits of selected clones of willow (Salix viminalis L.)
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 58
available in pl 
Robert Rosa, Anna Zaniewicz-Bajkowska, Edyta Kosterna
Effect of weather conditions of east Poland on sweet corn yields and length of growing period
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 59
available in pl 
Dieter F. Giefing, Mariusz Bembenek, Marek Gackowski, Witold Grzywiński, Zbigniew Karaszewski, Izabela Klentak, Jacek Kosak, Piotr S. Mederski, Sylwia Siewert
Evaluation of thinning operations in older pine stands. Research methods
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 60
available in en 
Andrzej Mazur, Artur Chrzanowski, Robert Kuźmiński, Andrzej Łabędzki, Paweł Rutkowski
Suggested methods for protective and commercial management in the forests with stands of Oxyporus mannerheimi Gyll., 1827 (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae)
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 3, 61
available in pl 
Roman Wojtkowiak, Barbara Piszcz, Krzysztof Zembrowski
Mechanical vibrations emitted by Husqvarna 357XP power saw with resonance exhaust system

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