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2012 Volume 6 Issue 1


2012 Vol. 6 Issue 1, 1
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Barbara Frąszczak, Alina Kałużewicz, Włodzimierz Krzesiński, Jolanta Lisiecka, Tomasz Spiżewski
Comparison of four rucola forms grown in containers in different light conditions
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 1, 2
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Joanna Stadnik, Zbigniew J. Dolatowski
Innovative system of postgraduate education in the field of food quality management
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 1, 3
available in pl 
Karolina M. Wójciak
Meat and meat products quality from organic production system
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 1, 4
available in pl 
Stanisław Kozłowski, Barbara Golińska, Piotr Goliński
Prospects of the grassland science and grassland economy in the light of contemporary research
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 1, 5
available in pl 
Tadeusz Łuczkiewicz, Jerzy Nawracała, Stanisław Dyba
Estimation of breeding value of peas (Pisum sativum L.) mutant with shortened vegetation period
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 1, 6
available in en 
Bernard Okoński, Sylwester Grajewski, Dariusz Kayzer
Towards classification of groundwater level depth patterns on forest fresh sites
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 1, 7
available in pl 
Andrzej Wojciechowski, Janetta Niemann, Błażej Springer, Katarzyna Cichocka
Selection of plants tolerant to higher content of heavy metals salts (Cu and Cd) in substrate in chosen cultivars of oilseed rape
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 1, 8
available in en 
Klaudia Borowiak, Stanisława Korszun
Investigations of photosynthetic activity parameters in relation to berries yield of selected grapevine cultivars
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 1, 9
available in pl 
Beata Janowska
Effect of conditioning in gibberellic acid and benzyladenine on postharvest longevity of leaves of the Italian arum (Arum italicum Mill.)
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 1, 10
available in en 
Małgorzata Zalewska, Małgorzata Antkowiak, Alicja Tymoszuk
Micropropagation of Ajania pacifica (Nakai) Bremer et Humphries with single-node method
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 1, 11
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Agnieszka Tomkowiak, Hanna Sulewska, Zbigniew Broda, Grażyna Szymańska
RAPD-PCR molecular analysis of spelt regarding the protein content
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 1, 12
available in pl 
Jan Gaszyński, Karolina Łach
Influence of the injection source on the foundation movement in conditions of the orthotropic flow
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 1, 13
available in pl 
Marian Łupieżowiec
Influence of vibrations caused by dynamic consolidation on the neighbourhood
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 1, 14
available in pl 
Jan Bocianowski, Tomasz Warzecha
Multivariate characterisation of wheat (Triticum L.) and triticale (×Triticosecale Wittm. ex A. Camus) cultivars inoculated with Fusarium culmorum
2012 Vol. 6 Issue 1, 15
available in pl 
Agnieszka Faligowska, Marek Selwet
Quality and hygienic condition of yellow lupine silages depending on the harvest date of green forage and additive to ensilaging

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