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2011 Volume 5 Issue 5


2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 77
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Krzysztof Chmielowski
Impact of pollutants’ load discharged to the filter bed on concentrations of the selected pollution indicators in the treated sewage
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 78
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Krzysztof Chmielowski, Andrzej Wałęga
Preliminary analyses of organic matter removal stability in the filter columns filled with sand and gravel
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 79
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Jean Diatta, Maria Biber, Katarzyna Przygocka-Cyna, Remigiusz Łukowiak
Application of soil-plant transfer coefficients and plant pollution indices for evaluating heavy metal contamination within the Marcinkowski’s Recreational Park (Poznań)
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 80
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Michalina Flieger-Szymańska, Katarzyna Machowiak
Basic parameters engineering-geological parameters of varved clays in Junikowski Stream valley
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 81
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Marek Kalenik, Dariusz Morawski
Research quantity and velocity of sludge sedimentation in the waters after a washing the rapid filters
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 82
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Jolanta Kanclerz
The influence of Lake Gorzuchowskie on water quality in the Mała Wełna River
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 83
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Jolanta Komisarek, Sławomir Szałata
The chemical composition of soil mass of selected albeluvisols from Wielkopolska region
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 84
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Mariusz Korytowski, Czesław Szafrański
The changes of water storages in one-meter deep soil layer of moist and fresh forest habitats
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 85
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Michał Kozłowski, Jolanta Komisarek, Katarzyna Wiatrowska
Soil water balance in toposequence in growing season of the Poznań Lakeland
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 86
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Dorota Anna Krawczyk
The chemism of ground waters in the light of the expansion of the sanitary sewage system on the basis of The Main Groundwater Reservoir no. 147 in Międzychód and Sieraków environs
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 87
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Daniel Liberacki
The estimate of water resources in small lowland catchment
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 88
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Agnieszka E. Ławniczak
Effect of soil moisture and nutrient availability on floral wetland diversity
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 89
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Michał Michałkiewicz, Beata Mądrecka, Tomasz Dysarz, Tomasz Joniak, Elżbieta Szeląg-Wasielewska
The influence of the city of Poznań on water quality of the Warta river
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 90
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Sadżide Murat-Błażejewska, Mariusz Sojka
Assessment of fish fauna structure and hydromorphological and physico-chemical status of the river in the aspect of good ecological status
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 91
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Tadeusz Nawrot
Hydraulic characteristics of septic tank fittings in small diameter gravity sewer systems
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 92
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Maciej Pawlak
Characteristics of wastewatertreated in sepitc tanks
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 93
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Robert Radaszewski
Influence of selected environmental factors on the compaction in non-cohesive soils in view of experimental studies
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 94
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Janusz Rutkowski, Jerzy Bykowski, Tadeusz Pawłowski, Czesław Przybyła, Przemysław Ratajczak, Paweł Woźniak
The need for maintenance of drainage ditches and channels based on the concept of a new machine
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 95
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Zbigniew Sroka, Bogdan J. Wosiewicz, Zbigniew Walczak
Analysis of seepage through improving levees on the Vistula River
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 96
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Rafał Stasik
Rising wave analysis in watercourse of small forest catchments
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 97
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Janusz Turbiak, Zygmunt Miatkowski
Effect of water conditions and use intensity on carbon balance in post-bog soils
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 98
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Natalia Walczak, Bogusław Przedwojski, Zbigniew Walczak
Water velocity distribution on the floodplain with vegetation cover
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 99
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Bogdan J. Wosiewicz
About a possibility of the use of mixed finite element model for error estimation of classical formulation of the method in two-dimensional steady seepage problems
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 100
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Bogdan J. Wosiewicz, Zbigniew Walczak
Modelling of thin interbeddings with higher permeability properties in two-dimensional steady state groundwater flow by using simple linear element
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 101
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Bohdan Zadroga
May one construct environmentally friendly marine structures?
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 102
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Eugeniusz Zawisza, Katarzyna Kamińska, Izabela Janusz
Water permeability of blast furnace slag, fly ashes and their mixtures
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 5, 103
available in pl 
Janina Zbierska, Agnieszka E. Ławniczak, Jerzy Kupiec, Anna Zbierska
Nutrient concentration in ground and underground water in the Niepruszewskie Lake catchment vulnerable to nitrate from agricultural sources

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