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2011 Volume 5 Issue 4


2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 31
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Mariusz Adynkiewicz-Piragas, Iwona Zdralewicz, Joanna Kryza, Iwona Lejcuś
Sustainable Hydro Assessment and Groundwater Recharge Projects – project assumptions and initial results
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 32
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Ondřej Babka, Andrzej Harat
Use of water flooded uranium mine as alternative source of energy and raw materials
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 33
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January Bień, Marcin Milczarek, Jolanta Sobik-Szołtysek, Tomasz Okwiet
Optimization of the thermophilic phase in the process of co – composting sewage sludge and municipal waste
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 34
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Jolanta Bohdziewicz, Anna Świerczyńska
The optimisation of biomembrane reactor working conditions for co-treatment of municipal landfill leachate
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 35
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Mariusz Dudziak
The removal of mycoestrogens by means of coagulation, sorption and nanofiltration – unit processes and integrated systems
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 36
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Marek Kopacz, Wojciech Drzewiecki, Stanisław Twardy
Studies on the content of suspension in surface water of the Raba basin supplying the Dobczyce reservoir
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 37
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Małgorzata Kowalska, Mariusz Dudziak, Jolanta Bohdziewicz
Removal of halogenoacetic acids by means of ultrafiltration with the use of enzymatic membrane
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 38
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Patrycja Kuna
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in gravity-operated and surface water
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 39
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Joanna Lach, Ewa Ociepa, Ewa Okoniewska
The influence of heavy metals ion on adsorption of CrVI from water solution in activated carbon WG-12 and F-300
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 40
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Karolina Mielczarek, Jolanta Bohdziewicz, Anna Kwarciak-Kozłowska
Coke wastewater treatment with the application of coagulation
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 41
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Ewa Ociepa, Joanna Lach, Agnieszka Ociepa
The effect of brown coal and its preparations on lead and zinc soil solubility
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 42
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Ewa Okoniewska, Magdalena Zabochnicka-Świątek, Joanna Lach
Sorption of manganese in the presence of phtalic acid on selected activated carbons
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 43
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Leszek Ośródka, Ewa Krajny, Krzysztof Klejnowski, Wioletta Rogula- -Kozłowska, Jadwiga Błaszczyk, Damian Kobus, Agnieszka Wypych
Air Quality Index as a measure of air pollution in Poland
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 44
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Mariola Rajca
Removal of impurities from water by means of integrated systems including membrane filtration
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 45
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Wioletta Rogula-Kozłowska, Krzysztof Klejnowski, Anna Zwoździak, Izabela Sówka, Krystyna Trzepla-Nabaglo
Elemental composition and sources of PM2.5 in three Silesian cities: Wrocław, Zabrze and Katowice, Poland
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 46
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Martyna A. Rzętała, Andrzej Jaguś, Mariusz Rzętała
Impact of eutrophic limnic environment on fluvial transport of contaminants (dam reservoir Przeczyce)
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 47
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Aleksandra Steinhoff-Wrześniewska, Maria Strzelczyk, Franciszek Czyżyk
Material and waste management in brewing industry
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 48
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Aleksandra Strugała-Wilczek, Malwina Bocheńska, Małgorzata Bebek, Krzysztof Bebek
An application of flow injection analysis with gas diffusion for the monitoring of ammonium ions concentration in environmental samples
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 49
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Maria Strzelczyk
Preliminary results of examining reduction in pollution load in rural sewage utilized for watering energy plants
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 50
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Amelia Woynarowska, Sylwester Żelazny, Witold Żukowski
Sewage depollution of zinc and lead concentrate using method of ion exchange
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 51
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Anna Zamojska-Jaroszewicz, Krzysztof W. Szewczyk
Production of hydrogen and methane from biofuels waste
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 52
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Dominika Bielec
Lichenoindication of Bielsko-Biała – synthetic lichenoindication zones
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 53
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Jolanta Bohdziewicz, Mariusz Kuglarz, Bożena Mrowiec
Intensification of pig manure digestion by co-substrate addition in the form of municipal biowaste
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 54
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Damian Chmura, Paweł Nejfeld, Marta Borowska, Magdalena Mazur, Dominika Sroka, Anna Waligóra, Aleksandra Sikora
Invasion of species from genus Reynoutra in the Oświęcim Valley and its surroundings
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 55
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Ewa Jachniak
Loads of biogenic compounds and the degree of eutrophication in the dam reservoir of Kozłowa Góra
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 56
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Ewa Jachniak, Andrzej Jaguś
Conditions and intensity of eutrophication of the Tresna reservoir
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 57
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Henryk Kasza, Anna Mucha
Degree of acidification of precipitation near Bielsko-Biała (in the vicinity of Jasienica)
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 58
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Maciej Kozak
A new methodology for determining the surface runoff hydrograph on the example of the Biała River basin to the cross Mikuszowice
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 59
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Maria Łepko, Janusz Kozak, Tomasz Jurkiewicz
Variability of thermal seasons in the Trzy Korony range in the Pieniny Mts.
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 60
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Lucyna Przywara
Assessment of ferric coagulants application for the treatment of industrial wastewater
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 61
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Konrad Sikora, Józef Myrczek
Influence of torrential rain on physico-chemical parameters of ground water in Bielsko-Biała region in spring 2010
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 62
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Aneta Zajda, Mariusz Kuglarz, Bożena Mrowiec
Methanogenesis efficiency in the conditions of sewage sludge and kitchen biowaste co-digestion
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 63
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Jan Żarnowiec, Adam Stebel
Antitrichia curtipendula – endangered moss in the bryoflora of the Polish Carpathian Mts.
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 64
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Wacław Zyzak
Participation of local communities in balanced district development. Lipowa as a case study
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 65
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Ewa Borowicz, Maciej Kozak, Marek Madzia
Effect of information capturing methods concerning land use on the designated value of effective rainfall
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 66
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Włodzimierz Ciesielczyk, Anita Kamińska, Joanna Skoneczna
Effective fluidized-bed drying of grinded wooden biomass
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 67
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Klaudiusz Grübel, Alicja Machnicka
Impact of microwaves irradiation on activated sludge
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 68
available in pl 
Danuta Hilse, Jan Kapała, Namejs Zeltinsh
Quasi-catalytic reduction of pollutants in exhaust gases from boilers equipped with fixed grid
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 69
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Henryk Klama, Anna Salachna
Interesting silver fir forest Abies alba-Bazzania trilobata in the Beskid Mały Mts. (Outer Western Carpathians)
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 70
available in pl 
Henryk Klama, Jan Żarnowiec
Bryophytes of the “Gościnna Dolina” protected area in Bielsko-Biała (Pogórze Śląskie foothills, southern Poland)
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 71
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Maciej Kozak, Marek Madzia, Paulina Tyczyńska
Effect of selected calculation methods on flow value measured with currentmeter
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 72
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Jadwiga Malkiewicz
Estimation of geotextiles for cooperation with geogabions in erosion control constructions
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 73
available in pl 
Stanisława Przybyło, Jan Broda
Polypropylene split fibres for reinforcement of concrete
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 74
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Ewa Puszczało, Anna Świerczyńska, Jolanta Bohdziewicz
The influence of the activated sludge concentration on the degree of the purification of the municipal landfill leachate in the membrane bioreactor
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 75
available in pl 
Beata Sładkowska-Rybka, Marian Sarna
The possibility of efficiency improving in electrostatic precipitator by uneven gas flow
2011 Vol. 5 Issue 4, 76
available in pl 
Monika Wierzbińska, Maciej Myrdko
Acoustic screens for the limitation of road noise on the example of Kęty

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