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2010 Volume 4 Issue 2


2010 Vol. 4 Issue 2, 13
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Hanna Maria Baranowska
Temperature properties of meat batters examined with the assistance of NMR technique
2010 Vol. 4 Issue 2, 14
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Ewa Czerwińska, Wojciech Piotrowski
Evaluation of the microbiological contamination risk in bakery taking into account processing of light rye bread
2010 Vol. 4 Issue 2, 15
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Krzysztof Dwiecki, Krzysztof Polewski
The effect of genistein and daidzein on the solubilization of lipid membrane by detergent
2010 Vol. 4 Issue 2, 16
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Danuta Górecka, Krzysztof Dziedzic, Sławomir Sell
The influence of the technological processes applied to production of buckwheat groats on the dietary fiber content
2010 Vol. 4 Issue 2, 17
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Magdalena Grudzińska, Kazimiera Zgórska
The influence of reconditioning effectiveness of potato tubers of selected cultivars on colour of French fries
2010 Vol. 4 Issue 2, 18
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Marzanna Hęś, Justyna Nadolna
Evaluation of chosen heavy metal contents in instant gruels intended for infants and small children
2010 Vol. 4 Issue 2, 19
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Magdalena Jeszka, Ewa Flaczyk, Joanna Kobus-Cisowska, Krzysztof Dziedzic
Phenolics – characteristic and significance in food technology
2010 Vol. 4 Issue 2, 20
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Anna Jędrusek-Golińska, Dorota Piasecka-Kwiatkowska, Marzanna Hęś, Katarzyna Małecka
Study of knowledge of food allergy issues among students of the Gastronomy Schools complex in Bydgoszcz
2010 Vol. 4 Issue 2, 21
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Stanisław Kalisz, Mieczysław Obiedziński
Influence of temperature on the effectivity of the pitting process in the production of the frozen Cherry
2010 Vol. 4 Issue 2, 22
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Alicja Kawka, Paulina Rausch, Agnieszka Budna
Starters in production of wheat-oat bread
2010 Vol. 4 Issue 2, 23
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Dominik Kmiecik, Józef Korczak
Frying fats – quality, thermal degradation and protection
2010 Vol. 4 Issue 2, 24
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Mirosława Krzywdzińska-Bartkowiak, Hanna Gajewska-Szczerbal, Włodzimierz Dolata
The effect of curing brine injection and plasticization on changes in microstructure of the two parts of porcine longissimus dorsi muscle in pigs
2010 Vol. 4 Issue 2, 25
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Joanna Le Thanh-Blicharz, Maria Krasowska, Jacek Anioła, Radosław Szyngwelski, Małgorzata Tubacka, Grażyna Lewandowicz
Physically modified starch as a carbon source for Bifidobacterium sp. in in vitro and in vivo studies
2010 Vol. 4 Issue 2, 26
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Jolanta Tomaszewska-Gras, Jacek Kijowski
The application of differential scanning calorimetry DSC to assess thermodynamic properties of bee honey and substances used in its adulteration
2010 Vol. 4 Issue 2, 27
available in pl 
Magdalena Zielińska-Dawidziak, Dorota Piasecka-Kwiatkowska, Tomasz Twardowski
Influence of Fe2+ ions affecting the germinating soy bean and alfalfa seeds or wheat grain on the content of starch and reducing sugars
2010 Vol. 4 Issue 2, 28
available in pl 
Krzysztof Dziedzic, Danuta Górecka, Joanna Kobus-Cisowska, Magdalena Jeszka
Opportunities of using buckwheat in production of functional food

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