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2009 Volume 3 Issue 2


2009 Vol. 3 Issue 2, 63
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Julita Reguła, Dorota Walkowiak-Tomczak
Contents of minerals in corn extrudates with dried oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) mushrooms and sorption of iron, copper and zinc by these products
2009 Vol. 3 Issue 2, 64
available in pl 
Ireneusz Kowalik
Changes of yield of silage maize depending on plants density, maturity during harvest and height of harvest
2009 Vol. 3 Issue 2, 65
available in pl 
Ireneusz Kowalik, Tadeusz Michalski
Dry matter content in a raw product as an estimated indicator of a fodder value of ensilage from maize
2009 Vol. 3 Issue 2, 66
available in pl 
Hubert Waligóra
Effectiveness of weed control in sugar maize cultivation with mixture mezotrione + nicosulfuron
2009 Vol. 3 Issue 2, 67
available in pl 
Hubert Waligóra, Witold Szpurka
Selectivity of mixture mezotrione + nicosulfuron to some sugar maize varieties
2009 Vol. 3 Issue 2, 68
available in pl 
Michał Nawrot, Adam Jeziorny
Biometrical profile of wild boar (Sus scrofa L., 1758) on the background of wild boar management in Siemianice Game Breeding Centre
2009 Vol. 3 Issue 2, 69
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Ryszard Staniszewski, Szymon Jusik, Beata Hryc-Jusik
Relations between morphometric and trophic parameters of shallow lakes of the Polish Lowland
2009 Vol. 3 Issue 2, 70
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Bożena Szymaś, Beata Zawadzka, Michał Walachowski
Interest of owners of agritouristic farms from the Lubuskie province in beekeeping
2009 Vol. 3 Issue 2, 71
available in en 
Sławomir Nowicki, Zbigniew Nawrocki, Marcin Korczyński, Piotr Przysiecki
An attempt of evaluation of the effect of geopathic zones on assessment of conformation in Arctic fox (Alopex lagopus)

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