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Agnieszka Aleksandra Jaszczak
Road alleys as a tourism product
Summary. The landscape of tourism regions in Europe is different in many respects. There are many factors which have influence on the dissimilarity; for example: localization, natural and cultural potential, historical conditions, elements of tourism infrastructure, and tourism attractions. And because of this fact the dissimilarity is a reason of tourist choice for the recreational place. On the other hand for the years we can observe the higher level of tourism “activity” in the regions with special landscape values (e.g. Umbria in Italy, Ostfriesland in Germany, Warmia in Poland) and the significant role of the tourism forms, which are opposite to the mass tourism (e.g. rural tourism). Rural tourism is based on the attractiveness of the environment and landscape. It can develop and protect the agricultural, cultural and natural heredity of rural areas. One of the natural, cultural and technical elements of landscape, which has a significant role in the attractiveness of tourism regions is the road and its scenery (among others alleys). The goal of this work is to define the possibilities of using “the landscape road” as a tourism product in “slow” regions and to indicate the need of “the landscape road” (especially roadside alley) protection.
Key words: : road, road alley, tourism product
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MLA Jaszczak, Agnieszka Aleksandra. "Droga krajobrazowa jako produkt turystyczny." Nauka Przyr. Technol. 2.4 (2008): #42.
APA Agnieszka Aleksandra Jaszczak (2008). Droga krajobrazowa jako produkt turystyczny. Nauka Przyr. Technol. 2 (4), #42
ISO 690 JASZCZAK, Agnieszka Aleksandra. Droga krajobrazowa jako produkt turystyczny. Nauka Przyr. Technol., 2008, 2.4: #42.
Corresponding address:
Agnieszka Aleksandra Jaszczak
Agnieszka Aleksandra Jaszczak
Katedra Architektury Krajobrazu i Agroturystyki
Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie
ul. Prawocheńskiego 17
10-721 Olsztyn
Accepted for print: 2.10.2008