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2018 Volume 12 Issue 4


2018 Vol. 12 Issue 4, 309-324,
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Wojciech Chmielewski, Jakub Löffler , Wojciech Szwed
Permanent plots to study population of small balsam Impatiens Parviflora DC. in the forest communities of the Wielkopolski National Park, general objectives and location
2018 Vol. 12 Issue 4, 325-339,
available in pl 
Hubert Szramka
Review of methods for estimating the value of forests
2018 Vol. 12 Issue 4, 341-351,
available in en 
Katarzyna Walkowiak, Łukasz Masewicz, Hanna Maria Baranowska
LF NMR studies of microwave modified starch with lysozyme
2018 Vol. 12 Issue 4, 353-364,
available in pl 
Władysław Danielewicz, Adam Hruzik, Blanka Wiatrowska
The extinction of shrubby birch (Betula humilis Schrank) in the Wielkopolska region and adjacent areas
2018 Vol. 12 Issue 4, 365-372,
available in pl 
Katarzyna Panasiewicz, Jerzy Szukała, Radosław Kazuś
Yielding of narrow-leaved lupin (Lupinus angustifolius l.) depending on variety and tillage system

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