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2016 volume 10 issue 3 #28 , DOI: 10.17306/J.NPT.2016.3.28
Bohdan Achremowicz, Adam P. Kuczyński, Czesław Puchalski, Rafał Wiśniewski, Joanna Kaszuba
Comparison of quality of oat flakes from organic and conventional production

The study focused on differences between four types of oat flakes in the fundamental assessments, chemical analyses, sensory evaluations and mineral composition. Statistically signi­ficant differences between the four types of oat flakes were found for ash, water-holding capacity by centrifugal method, soluble fiber, total fiber, β-glucans, starch, proteins, Mg, Fe, Zn, Ni, Pb, Cd, total sensory evaluation and color purity C*. The best overall score was given to ecological flakes, due to a large content of fiber (8.6%), β-glucans (3.6%), starch (64%), ash (1.8%), and low levels of manganese (33 mg/kg), cadmium (0.021 mg/kg) and nickel (0.7 mg/kg). The worst score was given to regular flakes and comparable to instant. Regular flakes contained minimum of ash (1.6%), fiber (5.3%), β-glucans (1.8%), starch (59%), and the highest content of manganese (46 mg/kg) and cadmium (0.052 mg/kg). In the instant flakes the highest content of lead (0.13 mg/kg), and the largest centrifugal water absorption (118%), together with the minimum starch content (59%) could be observed. On the basis of the very significant difference in quality, it was concluded that it could be possible to improve product quality, and reduce the content of heavy metals, especially through a careful selection of quality oats.

Key words: oat flakes, β-glucans, fiber, heavy metals, colour
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MLA Achremowicz, Bohdan, et al. "Porównanie jakości płatków owsianych z produkcji ekologicznej i konwencjonalnej." Nauka Przyr. Technol. 10.3 (2016): #28.
APA Bohdan Achremowicz1, Adam P. Kuczyński1, Czesław Puchalski2, Rafał Wiśniewski1, Joanna Kaszuba1 (2016). Porównanie jakości płatków owsianych z produkcji ekologicznej i konwencjonalnej. Nauka Przyr. Technol. 10 (3), #28
ISO 690 ACHREMOWICZ, Bohdan, et al. Porównanie jakości płatków owsianych z produkcji ekologicznej i konwencjonalnej. Nauka Przyr. Technol., 2016, 10.3: #28.
Corresponding address:
Bohdan Achremowicz
Katedra Technologii i Oceny Jakości Produktów Roślinnych
Uniwersytet Rzeszowski
ul. Zelwerowicza 4
35-601 Rzeszów
Accepted for print: 11.03.2016