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Jolanta Gawałek, Piotr Wesołowski
Examination of rheological properties of aqueous solutions of sodium caseinate

Application of sodium caseinate as a functional additive in manufacturing processes requires production of its concentrated aqueous solutions which, in industrial conditions, presents a number of difficulties. In order to develop an effective and optimal industrial process of mixing – manufacturing a concentrated solution of sodium caseinate, it is essential to know rheological properties in a definite range of concentrations changing in the course of the dissolving process. The material for investigations was typical commercial sodium caseinate in the form of dry powder manufactured in Poland from acid casein using the method of extrusion. The objective of the undertaken empirical studies was the assessment of the impact of the concentration on rheological properties of sodium caseinate concentrates. Investigations were carried out for five concentrates manufactured in a mixer equipped in a mechanical agitator at concentrations ranging X (%) Î (2.5¸12.5) and changing mass proportions of sodium caseinate in the aqueous solution as follows: GS/G (kgS·kg-1) = 0.025. On the basis of the obtained research results, classical flow curves were plotted for individual concentrates. The determined values of viscosity and density of the examined solutions were correlated in the form of h = f(GS/G) and r = f(GS/G) dependencies which were used during the determination of classical characteristics of mixing forces essential for the assessment of energetic expenditures required to manufacture concentrates in a mixer equipped in a mechanical agitator. The density of the examined concentrates increased in a way directly proportional, while the dynamic viscosity coefficient increased exponentially together with the increase of sodium caseinate concentration. Sodium caseinate concentrates exhibited Newtonian character in the examined range of concentrations.

Key words: sodium caseinate concentrates, rheology, density, viscosity
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MLA Gawałek, Jolanta, and Piotr Wesołowski. "Examination of rheological properties of aqueous solutions of sodium caseinate." Nauka Przyr. Technol. 6.4 (2012): #80.
APA Jolanta Gawałek1, Piotr Wesołowski2 (2012). Examination of rheological properties of aqueous solutions of sodium caseinate. Nauka Przyr. Technol. 6 (4), #80
ISO 690 GAWAłEK, Jolanta, WESOłOWSKI, Piotr. Examination of rheological properties of aqueous solutions of sodium caseinate. Nauka Przyr. Technol., 2012, 6.4: #80.
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Accepted for print: 5.09.2012