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Małgorzata Tańska, Daniela Rotkiewicz, Natalia Bączek
Adsorption cleaning of post-frying fats prior to biodiesel production

The effectiveness of the adsorptive removal of contaminations from post-frying fats has been assessed in terms of their use in biodiesel production. The materials were three post-frying fats coming from catering points. In stage I of the study cleaning effectiveness of three different doses of the individual adsorbents: synthetic silica, bleaching clay, activated carbon and silica gel was studied. In stage II cleaning effectiveness of five adsorbent mixtures was tested. The most effective adsorbent mixture was used in stage III to clean three fats with different content of contamination. The effectiveness of the cleaning was determined by the content of hydrolysis and oxidation products and polar compounds. It was found that adsorbent mixtures were not effective in removing free fatty acids. The degree of peroxides removing depended on the type, quantities and proportions of adsorbents in mixture. Bleaching clay and its combination with silica gel, removed most peroxides (more than 80%). Secondary products of oxidation were effectively removed by all adsorbents. Polar compounds were removed by all adsorbent mixtures at approximately the same level.


Key words: post-frying fats, contaminations, adsorption treatment, biodiesel
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MLA Tańska, Małgorzata, et al. "Adsorpcyjne oczyszczanie tłuszczów posmażalniczych przeznaczonych do produkcji biodiesla." Nauka Przyr. Technol. 6.4 (2012): #62.
APA Małgorzata Tańska1, Daniela Rotkiewicz1, Natalia Bączek2 (2012). Adsorpcyjne oczyszczanie tłuszczów posmażalniczych przeznaczonych do produkcji biodiesla. Nauka Przyr. Technol. 6 (4), #62
ISO 690 TAńSKA, Małgorzata, ROTKIEWICZ, Daniela, BąCZEK, Natalia. Adsorpcyjne oczyszczanie tłuszczów posmażalniczych przeznaczonych do produkcji biodiesla. Nauka Przyr. Technol., 2012, 6.4: #62.
Corresponding address:
Małgorzata Tańska
Katedra Przetwórstwa i Chemii Surowców Roślinnych
Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie
pl. Cieszyński 1
10-957 Olsztyn
e-mail: m.tanska@uwm.
Accepted for print: 29.05.2012