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Joanna Grzelczak, Grzegorz Maciorowski
Exotic birds in Poznań pet shops

There are 44 pet shops in Poznań. In 24 pet shops there are exotic birds for sale. The conditions of room, as well as cages in most of the pet shops, were good. Birds kept in pet shops in Poznań are from: wholesale stores, from breeders or from own breeding farms. In pet shops there are species included in the Washington Convention. Most of the owners try to meet the requirements of it. Pet shops offer accessories, aquarium fish, rodents, exotic birds, reptiles and invertebrates. There are 29 species of ornamental birds of five families: Columbidae, Cacatuidae, Psittacidae, Passeridae and Fringillidae. Price, requirements of particular species (size of cage, food, need of bath), psychointellectual features, attitude to human, plumage, possible mutation and size of birds influence the size of the population and rate of appearance of species. Some pet shops give up selling birds.

Key words: exotic birds, pet shops, breeding conditions, Washington convention, endangered species
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MLA Grzelczak, Joanna, and Grzegorz Maciorowski. "Ptaki egzotyczne w sklepach zoologicznych miasta Poznania." Nauka Przyr. Technol. 4.3 (2010): #31.
APA Joanna Grzelczak, Grzegorz Maciorowski (2010). Ptaki egzotyczne w sklepach zoologicznych miasta Poznania. Nauka Przyr. Technol. 4 (3), #31
ISO 690 GRZELCZAK, Joanna, MACIOROWSKI, Grzegorz. Ptaki egzotyczne w sklepach zoologicznych miasta Poznania. Nauka Przyr. Technol., 2010, 4.3: #31.
Corresponding address:
Joanna Grzelczak
Katedra i Zakład Biochemii i Biologii Molekularnej
Uniwersytet Medyczny im. Karola Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu
ul. Święcickiego 6
60-781 Poznań
Accepted for print: 5.03.2010