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Zbigniew Myczkowski
Recreation and tourist recognize in protected landscape

Observing what is presently being done in the field of landscape protection both in Poland, Europe and the world, it can be said that meeting the existing biodiversity, a wide variety and multiplicity of protection forms are offered. Alongside with the aforementioned activities, a diversity of both accessibility and cognition are suggested. The environment surrounding us is of two origins: the natural one, the masterpiece of nature, and the cultural one being the creation of human thought and hands. They both decide about the identity of a given place and the landscape is perceived as the exterior form. The landscape can be covered (hidden) or it can happen it is not seen but you cannot be indifferent to its beauty and order. It always persists on men even in the sphere of awareness. Nature protection in Poland stresses the importance of nature monuments' protection and in this context the landscape values are defined as ecological, aesthetic and cultural ones alongside with area relief and elements either created by nature or human activity. On the other hand the cultural landscape is defined by the protection law as historic space resulting from human activity. This includes the process of civilization and natural components. The focus of numerous scientific societies has become the problem of finding an effective tool of revitalization of cultural heritage values and applying it in economic activity especially concentrating on the development of tourism.

Key words: integrated protection, landscape, cultural park, tourist recognize
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MLA Myczkowski, Zbigniew. "Rekreacja i poznanie turystyczne w krajobrazie chronionym." Nauka Przyr. Technol. 3.1 (2009): #17.
APA Zbigniew Myczkowski (2009). Rekreacja i poznanie turystyczne w krajobrazie chronionym. Nauka Przyr. Technol. 3 (1), #17
ISO 690 MYCZKOWSKI, Zbigniew. Rekreacja i poznanie turystyczne w krajobrazie chronionym. Nauka Przyr. Technol., 2009, 3.1: #17.
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Zbigniew Myczkowski
Zbigniew Myczkowski
Instytut Architektury Krajobrazu
Politechnika Krakowska im. Tadeusza Kościuszki
ul. Warszawska 24
31-155 Kraków
Accepted for print: 7.11.2008