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Wanda Staniewska-Zątek, Magdalena Szczepańska
The structure of green areas in small towns in the province of Wielkopolska

The goal of this article is to present main tendencies in the development of green zones of six selected towns in the Wielkopolska region. Historical and geographical settings were considered as the most significant. A graphical approach utilizing a computer program (AutoCAD) allowed to demonstrate spatial formation of the investigated towns along with the interdependencies between the green zones and the urban areas. Analysis shows that the highest concentration of green zones occurs in Sieraków (74%) followed by Gniezno (64%), Mosina (63%), Wągrowiec (55%), Śrem (50%) and Kościan (42%). Considering the spatial continuity of the green zones the best situation appears in Wągrowiec. The green terrains of this town blend harmoniously with urban neighbourhoods mainly due to the open space of the valleys of the two rivers flowing through the town. In Sieraków large expanses of green surround the centrally located municipality. The best conditions for recreational activities exist in these two towns and so the towns seem to be the most suitable candidates for creating the Nature City System.

Key words: green areas, small towns, Nature City System
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MLA Staniewska-Zątek, Wanda, and Magdalena Szczepańska. "Struktura terenów zieleni małych miast Wielkopolski." Nauka Przyr. Technol. 3.1 (2009): #53.
APA Wanda Staniewska-Zątek, Magdalena Szczepańska (2009). Struktura terenów zieleni małych miast Wielkopolski. Nauka Przyr. Technol. 3 (1), #53
ISO 690 STANIEWSKA-ZąTEK, Wanda, SZCZEPAńSKA, Magdalena. Struktura terenów zieleni małych miast Wielkopolski. Nauka Przyr. Technol., 2009, 3.1: #53.
Corresponding address:
Wanda Staniewska-Zątek
Wanda Staniewska-Zątek
Wielkopolska Wyższa Szkoła Turystyki i Zarządzania w Poznaniu
ul. Św. Marcin 40
61-807 Poznań
Accepted for print: 5.12.2008