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Aleksandra Pilarczyk
Leisure activities in parks and greens in Szczecin postcemetery areas

The rich and turbulent history of Szczecin has left the city with a large number of postcemetery areas within its boundaries. These areas, no longer performing a funerary function, have been gradually closed and (consequently to the removal of elements indicating their former purpose) deprived of their commemorating values. Owing to the preserved greenery, such places have, spontaneously or with man’s help, evolved into parks, greens and squares. Usually covering a small area, this terrain is mainly of local importance. There are numerous playgrounds and playing fields created in many of such areas and, taking into account Szczecin’s underdeveloped system of leisure facilities, they play a major role in the community they surround and serve. The process of transforming the post-cemetery areas for leisure purposes is a special case of altering the green monuments’ original utilitarian function. The subject of this article is the extent to which these areas are adapted to the city’s leisure needs and how its greenery is being thus affected.

Key words: Szczecin, cemeteries, park, recreation, post-cemetery areas, greens city
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MLA Pilarczyk, Aleksandra. "Rekreacja w parkach i zieleńcach na terenach pocmentarnych w Szczecinie." Nauka Przyr. Technol. 3.1 (2009): #26.
APA Aleksandra Pilarczyk (2009). Rekreacja w parkach i zieleńcach na terenach pocmentarnych w Szczecinie. Nauka Przyr. Technol. 3 (1), #26
ISO 690 PILARCZYK, Aleksandra. Rekreacja w parkach i zieleńcach na terenach pocmentarnych w Szczecinie. Nauka Przyr. Technol., 2009, 3.1: #26.
Corresponding address:
Aleksandra Pilarczyk
Aleksandra Pilarczyk
Katedra Projektowania Krajobrazu
Akademia Rolnicza w Szczecinie
ul. Słowackiego 17
71-434 Szczecin

Accepted for print: 14.11.2008