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2017 volume 11 issue 4, 365-373
Blanka Wiatrowska
Rafflesia arnoldii – a Plant with the Largest Flowers in the World

Rafflesia arnoldii, a rarely observed, parasitic Sumatran species, is a plant without chlorophyll which forms the largest inflorescence in the world. The flower is up to 1.5 m in diameter. It has brick-red sepals, which attract pollinating flies with the smell of carrion as well as the size and colour of the flower. Insects head for the male or female sex organs located in the centre of the flower. Despite the remarkable size of Rafflesia plants, their biology has not been thoroughly investigated. The area of southeast Asian forests, which are their natural habitat, shrinks year by year. Indonesian and Malaysian rainforests are one of the main biodiversity sites in the world. Nonetheless, they are being logged or conflagrated in order to establish African oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) plantations, which occupy an area of about 7.7 million hectares in Indonesia alone.

Key words: Rafflesia arnoldii, parasitic plant, gigantism, Sumatra, equatorial rainforests
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MLA Wiatrowska, Blanka. "Bukietnica Arnolda (Rafflesia arnoldii) – roślina o największych kwiatach świata." Nauka Przyr. Technol. 11.4 (2017): 365-373.
APA Blanka Wiatrowska (2017). Bukietnica Arnolda (Rafflesia arnoldii) – roślina o największych kwiatach świata. Nauka Przyr. Technol. 11 (4), 365-373
ISO 690 WIATROWSKA, Blanka. Bukietnica Arnolda (Rafflesia arnoldii) – roślina o największych kwiatach świata. Nauka Przyr. Technol., 2017, 11.4: 365-373.
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Blanka Wiatrowska
Katedra Botaniki Leśnej
Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Poznaniu
ul. Wojska Polskiego 71 D
60-625 Poznań
Accepted for print: 30.11.-0001