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2017 Volume 11 Issue 4


2017 Vol. 11 Issue 4, 333-342,
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Tomasz Dudek, Joanna Kuziak
The Threshold of the Negative Impact of Tourism and Recreation on the Forest Ecosystem – a Case Study of the Łosie Forest District
2017 Vol. 11 Issue 4, 343-354,
available in pl 
Robert K. Sobolewski, Maria B. Ostrowska-Dudys, Marek J. Janas
The Natural and Historical Value of Remarkable Tree Species in Bolków, Lower Silesia, Poland
2017 Vol. 11 Issue 4, 355-364,
available in pl 
Anna Tomkowiak, Justyna Starzyk, Donata Kosicka-Dziechciarek, Krzysztof Karwatka
The Influence of Tillage Systems on the Microbiological Condition of Soil
2017 Vol. 11 Issue 4, 365-373,
available in pl 
Blanka Wiatrowska
Rafflesia arnoldii – a Plant with the Largest Flowers in the World
2017 Vol. 11 Issue 4, 375-383,
available in pl 
Paweł Szumigała, Piotr Urbański
The Maskawa River Valley in Środa Wielkopolska – the Possibility to Recover Scenic Values
2017 Vol. 11 Issue 4, 385-395,
available in pl 
Karolina Młynarczyk, Dorota Walkowiak-Tomczak
The Effect of Technological Treatments and Origin of Raw Material on the Anti-Oxidative Activity and Physicochemical Properties of Elderberry Juice
2017 Vol. 11 Issue 4, 397-405,
available in en 
Anna Dudzińska, Barbara Szpakowska, Miłosz Walerzak
The use of LIDAR data to assess elements of rural landscape architecture
2017 Vol. 11 Issue 4, 407-414,
available in pl 
Jacek Anioła, Jolanta Czarnocińska, Grzegorz Galiński
The Consumption of Energy Drinks vs the Quality of Sleep of University Students in Poznań – a Pilot Study

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