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2017 Volume 11 Issue 3


2017 Vol. 11 Issue 3, 223-233,
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Magdalena Człapka-Matyasik, Marzena Grdeń
A comparative analysis of the accuracy of body fat measurements using spectrophotometry, bioelectrical impedance and anthropometric technique vs. air displacement plethysmography in a group of powerlifters
2017 Vol. 11 Issue 3, 235-244,
available in pl 
Sylwia Marszałkiewicz, Aleksander Siger, Elżbieta Radziejewska- -Kubzdela, Katarzyna Ratusz, Magdalena Rudzińska
The physicochemical properties of cold-pressed camelina seed oils
2017 Vol. 11 Issue 3, 242-252,
available in pl 
Agnieszka Kaźmierska, Izabela Bolesławska, Juliusz Przysławski
The influence of polyunsaturated fatty acids on the skin, featuring the effect of gamma-linolenic acid
2017 Vol. 11 Issue 3, 253-264,
available in pl 
Iwona Paszek, Dorota Gawenda-Kempczyńska, Tomasz Załuski
The Structure of the Vascular Flora in the Manor Park in Laskowice

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