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2016 volume 10 issue 2, #22 DOI: 10.17306/J.NPT.2016.2.22
Mirosława Kulawik, Paulina Marciniak, Maria Wojnowska, Sławomir Nowicki, Piotr Przysiecki, Bartłomiej Jan Bartyzel, Ewa Czerniawska-Piątkowska
Morphometry of the alimentary system of the long-tailed chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera)

The study was conducted on 40 long-tailed chinchillas (Chinchilla lanigera) (20 females and 20 males). The study measured the length of the internal organs of the digestive system and the measurements of their mass. In order to compare the examined metric traits in the male and the female, the figures were statistically analysed. The results found that the average length of the esophagus, the greater curvature of the stomach and cecum were larger in males. After estimating the mass of internal organs it was found that in the male greater value reached mass of the stomach and duodenum with food contained in it and mass of duodenum cleared of leftover food. Research has also shown that the females were characterized by longer intestines than males. The ratio of the small intestine to the large intestine in females was 1: 1.52, in males 1: 1.58.

Key words: Chinchilla lanigera, gastrointestinal tract, morphometrics
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DOI: 10.17306/J.NPT.2016.2.22

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MLA Kulawik, Mirosława, et al. "Morfometria układu trawiennego szynszyli długoogoniastej (Chinchilla lanigera)." Nauka Przyr. Technol. 10.2 (2016): #22. DOI: 10.17306/J.NPT.2016.2.22
APA Mirosława Kulawik1, Paulina Marciniak1, Maria Wojnowska2, Sławomir Nowicki3, Piotr Przysiecki4, Bartłomiej Jan Bartyzel2, Ewa Czerniawska-Piątkowska5 (2016). Morfometria układu trawiennego szynszyli długoogoniastej (Chinchilla lanigera). Nauka Przyr. Technol. 10 (2), #22 DOI: 10.17306/J.NPT.2016.2.22
ISO 690 KULAWIK, Mirosława, et al. Morfometria układu trawiennego szynszyli długoogoniastej (Chinchilla lanigera). Nauka Przyr. Technol., 2016, 10.2: #22. DOI: 10.17306/J.NPT.2016.2.22
Corresponding address:
Mirosława Kulawik
Instytut Zoologii
Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Poznaniu
ul. Wojska Polskiego 71 C
60-625 Poznań
Accepted for print: 25.02.2016