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Scientific journal presents original papers and articles relevant to all aspects of agricultural sciences.

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The scientific articles published in the "Nauka Przyroda Technologie" journal cover all aspects of agricultural science.

Manuscript preparation

  1. Paper length: In general papers should not exceed 12 pages (A4 format) inclusive of tables and illustrations.
  2. Manuscripts must by typewritten, double-spaced with wide margins (4 cm)). Good quality printouts with a font size (Times New Roman) of 12 pt is required.
  3. Tables and illustrations should not exceed B5 format (12.5 cm x 19.5 cm). Tables should not duplicate results presented elsewhere in the manuscript (e.g. in graphs) and include only essential data with appropriate statistical values. All descriptions should be printed with a font size 8-9 pt. Tables and illustrations should be numbered consistently and given a suitable caption and each one presented on a separate sheet.
  4. Text: Follow this order when typing manuscripts:
    • title: in Polish and English,
    • authors: the corresponding author must be identified by e-mail and full postal address,
    • key words: up to 7 words or phrases for the main topics of the paper,
    • abstract: each paper should be provided with abstract of about 600-1000 spaces, reporting concisely on the purpose and results of the paper,
    • the main text should contain the following elements: introduction, aim of the work, materials, results and discussion (may be presented together or separately), conclusions, summary (up to 20 lines),
    • references: must be listed alphabetically on the separate sheets in the form as following:

      Desai J.D., Banat I., 1997. Microbial production of surf nts and their commercial potential. Microbiol Mol. Biol. Rev., 61, 1, 47-64.
      Brisson G.J., 1982. Lipid in human nutrition. MTP Press Limited, Lancaster, England.
      Tamuri M., Mitsuo Y., Miyoshi K., Ishii Y., 1982. Heat and acid stable alpha-amylase enzymes and processes for producing the same. Patent USA, Nr 4, 284, 722.
      Huffman D.L., 1993. The development of low-fat ground products. In: 39ICoMST, 1-6 August, Calgary, Abstracts and Reviev Papers, Session 7, 293-303.

  5. Units: the SI system should be used for all scientific laboratory data.

Manuscript proceedings

  1. Authors should submit the copy of their manuscript to the editor.
  2. All papers will be independently refereed. In cases where a manuscript is returned to an author for revision, it must be resubmitted within 60 days; otherwise it will be assumed to be withdraw.
  3. Submission of the paper implies that it has not been published previously, that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, and that if accepted it will not be published elsewhere in the same form without the written permission of the editor.
  4. All authors must sign the "Transfer of copyright" agreement before the article can be published.
  5. Authors are responsible for obtaining from the copyright holder permission to reproduce any figures for which copyright exists.
  6. Authors must submit an electronic copy of their paper with the final version of the manuscript. Proofs will be sent to the corresponding author and should be returned within 48 hours of receipt. Correction should be restricted to type settings errors only.
  7. Please sign the attached bellow Copyright assignment form. It can be either emailed, with your electronic signature(s), back to or faxed as a signed form to +48 61 848 7808.
    Declaration - Copyright assignment form

Manuscript submitting

Manuscript may by submitted by e-mail at address

Publication Charges

The author's institution is requested to pay a page charge of 350 PLN +VAT(430.5 PLN) per article.